Ogle County IL Attractions

Enjoy the rich heritage of historical sites and museums in Ogle County I nearby the inn.

Blackhawk Statue

Standing proud once again after several long years in disarray, Lorado Taft’s famous 48 ft. monolith stands watch over the beautiful Rock River. Located at 1411 N. River Road, Oregon, IL 61061 just 2.1 miles from Oregon in Lowden state Park. The park also offers hiking trails, 126 campsites and various amenities.

Chana School Museum

Built in 1883 this once two room school-house is a registered historic place.  Abandoned after the elimination of the Chana school district in 1960 the building sat abandoned until the late 1990’s when a restoration project began.  The bell tower dominates the building from afar. Located at 201 N River Road, Oregon IL, 61061.

Conover Square Mall

Until 1971 the building was home to the Shiller Piano factory. In 1978 it was converted into a unique shopping village and offers visitors 50,000 ft of shopping, food and novel attractions like the Billy Barnhart Museum. Many locals say the building is haunted. Located at 201 N Second Street, Oregon IL, 61061.

John Deere Historic Site

Most of us have heard of John Deere and conjure up images of green farming equipment. It all started just a few miles south of Oregon, Il when John Deere created the first commercially successful steel plow. Now visitors can step back in time and catch a glimpse of Pioneer Life in 1836. Blacksmithing demonstrations are performed March through November. Located at 8334 S Clinton Street, Grand Detour, IL.

Oregon Depot Museum

Oregon’s first train depot burned completely to the ground November 10, 1893 despite the best efforts of local fire fighters. A small replacement structure was put in place but it too had the misfortune of fire 15 years later. The depot standing today built in 1913 served travelers until 1971 when rail service to and from Oregon was discontinued. In 2001 a group of dedicated volunteers began a journey of restoring the depot and continue refurbishment today. Located at 401 Collins Street, Oregon, IL 61061.

Oregon Public Library

Established in 1872 the library opened its doors to the public in 1908 after receiving funds from Andrew Carnegie. A second-floor gallery was provided at the suggestion of the Eagles Nest Art Colony and today features over 50 works of art in a permanent collection. The library was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 2003. Located at 300 Jefferson Street, Oregon IL 61061.